Macos – Option key does not work as Meta in Tmux

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I am using Mac OSX Lion. I have checked "Use Option key as Meta" in Terminal preferences. Although the Option key seems to work fine as Meta in Bash, when I use it in Tmux (over SSH) it does not work properly. I am trying to use TMUX shortcuts like ^b M-1 b M-2 etc. I can get these with the ESC key but not the Option key.

Best Answer

I would suggest using iTerm2 instead of the default, as it is better for many reasons.

Specifically, you would be interested in iTerm2's options to map left/right option as "+Esc", which works much better than trying to have it emulate Meta for every purpose I can think of or have tried.

This setting is located under:

  • Preferences
    • Profiles
      • [select a profile]
        • Keys