Options for a baby-monitor


What are some good options for a baby video-monitor?

I've got wireless and ethernet in the baby room, so there may be an option to use those to hook up to a camera. But are networked video-camera options comparable to or preferable to the radio transmitted dedicated commercial baby-video monitors?

Requirements of the solution straightforward: A fixed position video camera dedicated to making sure the mom can see that the baby is happy. It ought to be reasonably simple to set up, and must be accessible by a non-technical mother.

While not a requirement, it would be good if the video feed were accessible over a LAN on a Mac and/or Blackberry and/or iPhone and/or Android. (There's no Windows PC in the house, so use of Windows can't be a requirement)

Internet access to the live video feed is not a requirement, but wouldn't necessarily hurt.

Just curious & thanks for reading.

Best Answer

  • I use the Linksys Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Camera (model WVC54GCA). You can enable mobile streaming and assess the stream with any device that supports the protocol by browsing to rtsp:/myipaddress:554/xxxxx You can pick the WVC54GCA for roughly $90.00.

    I enable the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) on the camera (pic) Enable RTSP port

    I personally use my droid to view live video from the baby's room.

    There are great guides for setting this up at myHomeServer and a few youtube videos.

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