Outlook 2010 + Move IMAP PST file = Outlook data file cannot be accessed


I set up a new IMAP account in Outlook 2010. It works but creates IMAP PST file in C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. I want the file on my data drive in D:\Users\User\Documents\Outlook Files (the same folder where outlook automatically creates the local Outlook PST.

I followed the instructions here to move the IMAP PST.

Testing the account (send/receive) works fine, but if I try to manually send an email I get error 0x8004010F Outlook data file cannot be accessed. I've tried repairing the PST using SCANPST (it always finds errors), and deleting and recreating the account but I get the same error. If I move the PST file back, it works again, but this is not ideal.

Note: I don't think this is a duplicate of this question as the cause is different and the solution does not help.

Best Answer

If somebody is still looking for a solution, hlpPy's solution above works for IMAP PSTs as well, I just tested with Outlook 2010. It is a non-technical solution anybody can follow without having to mess with the registry, but you need to follow it exactly:

  • Start –> Control Panel –> Mail.
  • Click on the "Data Files..." button at the left.
  • Click the "Data Files" tab at the top if it is not already selected.
  • Select the Gmail data file you want to move, its name should be your e-mail address.
  • Click "Open File Location..." in the options above (do NOT close the Mail applet after this! If you close it and reopen it, it will re-create the files, this is why most people are having issues)
  • In the Windows Explorer window that opens, cut the highlighted .pst file and paste it in the folder where you want to move it to. Leave the .obi and other files in the same location.


  • After moving the PST, go back to the Mail applet that should still be open and double click the highlighted Gmail data file (it should still be highlighted)

  • You will get a warning saying that the .pst file cannot be found. Click OK. Now you will be able to browse and redirect to the new location where you pasted the PST file.
  • Close the Account Settings window and Open Outlook.

It's possible to move MS-exchange pst file in the same manner, but before selecting new location, you should disable Cached Exchange Mode and disable Offline use. After you've selected your new file, you may re-enable this features.