Outlook conversation view – MOVE all items in conversation (no matter what folders) at once


I am using conversation view and currently if I move something from my inbox to a subfolder it only moves the items in my inbox (even though it shows all other foldsers (including sent items) in the conversation.

I want to be able to move something from my inbox (or any other folder) and move the entire conversation to another folder (not just what is in my inbox).

So for example I have an email in my inbox and it has some items in my Sent folder as well. Currently I have to move items from my inbox to a folder, then go to Sent folder and move the items from there to the folder as well.

I want it to move all items from inbox and sent folder to the folder at the same time so I do not have to move from 2 seperate folders.

Please let me know if this is possible and if so, how to do it.

Thank You in advance

Best Answer

  • This issue has driven me nuts for almost a year but today I finally figured out a work around after 4 hours of trying (yes I'm a bit ocd). There are two workarounds: 1) Create a rule to make a copy of every message that is sent in your inbox and then switch off saving of mail into "Sent Items". Your sent messages will then be threaded in your inbox and you can just move the entire conversation to wherever you please. However, this method is problematic if using google apps sync (as I am). See below. 2) There is a simpler way to move all messages in a conversation including those in sent and that's what I've just found. Expand the conversation completely. Highlight all the messages by click the top one and shift clicking the bottom one. Drag to desired folder. Done. I've trawled the net for months for a solution and haven't seen this one anywhere. I'm just relieved I finally got a solution - the problem almost drove me out of Outlook to Googles awful web interface (gmail concepts are fantastic - the UI is just awful. I wish they'd implement a stand alone email client so that all the problems of being in a web browser are resolved).

    Hope this helps.

    Note about Google Apps: If using Google Apps, the gmail server creates a sent mail label for every message. Sync then copies this to the sent items folder in Outlook. It is smart enough to handle duplicates if you have Outlook set to copy all sent mail to Sent Items but not smart enough to handle the above rule, so you end up with duplicates of every sent message.