Outlook – Define custom aliases for outlook contacts


I have a close coworker whom I email almost daily. Let's call her "Leigh Wilson". The global address book at my company has several other people with the first name "Leigh" and/or the last name "Wilson", so when I create a new email I can't just type leigh or wilson or even lwilson in the To: field — I have to type out leigh wilson.

How can I make it so that I can type something short (e.g. lw) and have Outlook know that means "Leigh Wilson"?

I tried adding her to my local contact list and then filling in the Nickname field (on the details tab). I also tried creating a distribution list named lw with her as the only member. Neither worked.

I'm using Outlook 2007 if that matters.

Best Answer

  • Ah, found it. Open the address book (Tools -> Address Book ...). Then, open Tools -> Options .... Then move the (local) Contacts address list above the Global Address List list.

    This way, Outlook seems to treat my local "Leigh Wilson" contact as a definitive match, and doesn't bother me to disambiguate it against the entire global address list.