Outlook New Mail Notification Icon Hides


I have Outlook minimize to tray. I set the "Microsoft Outlook" icon to "Show icon and notification" in the Notification Area Icons settings (this is the main Outlook "O" icon). That one works fine.

I also have the "Microsoft Outlook (You have new unread email messages.)" icon set to "Show icon and notification" (this is the envelope icon). That one works for a while, but then it gets hidden. When I go back into the Notification Area Icons settings, it still shows up as "Show icon and notification" but there is another one in the list that has the same envelope icon and shows some weird file name, currently it's 339e3812.rbf (You have new unread email messages.) and it is set to "Only show notifications".

If I change it to "Show icon and notification" it comes back, but then after a while it will change to a different file name and disappear again. Why does it do this? Is there any way to make the envelope icon always appear when there is new mail?

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Best Answer

Make sure you have no unread messages in your mail. Send yourself an email. The icon should appear. BEFORE it disappears right click your taskbar > Properties and "Customize.." and you will see a new Icon there that is not in the list if you try this without having the unread mail icon showing.

It is called Microsoft Outlook and underneath says You have new unread e-mail messages. Change the behavior of this from "only show notifications" to "show icon and notifications"

Now it should stay. What a horrible way to do this.