Outlook Rules – How to use “OR” boolean


It seems that Microsoft Outlook 2010 can only use the "AND" boolean when setting RULES. I find that very disturbing since even the lower end Windows Live Mail can use "OR". Am I missing something? I'm trying to recreate this WLM rule in Outlook:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the From line contains 'casoclinico' 
    or Where the Subject line contains 'caso' and 'clínico' 
Move it to the Isbrae - Caso Clínico folder 

Best Answer

Remarkably, the Outlook Rules Wizard does not support OR'ing in the way you've described. You can create two separate rules to get the same result, if you don't mind a proliferation of rules. The only other alternative is to create a custom rule in VBA script, but it is not a trivial task by any means -- I wouldn't recommend it. (If you are interested, you might peruse the links found in this question.)

UPDATE: I should mention that it is possible to combine multiple source emails in a single rule ("or"-ing them together, so to speak). This doesn't answer the original question, but it is something I just recently realized is possible. To do it, simply find the "from" field in the Rule Description window, and click on the hyperlink, then manually edit the "From" address line at the bottom, adding as many addresses as you want, separated with a semi-colon.