Outlook – Show multiple calendars in overlay view by default


In MS Outlook 2007/2010, it's possible to show multiple calendars overlayed on each other (a la Google Calendar; see http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/help/view-calendars-side-by-side-or-overlaid-HA001230157.aspx#BM4). However, it appears that in order to do this, you must first open the calendars side-by-side and then press the little left-arrow button to "combine" them into an overlaid view. Is there a way to make "overlaid" the default view for multiple calendars (again, a la Google Calendar)?

Best Answer

You have to change the default settings that control when the display changes back and forth. You'll find that in Options. Once done, open all the calendars, click the arrow that makes them glue together and they should stay that way.

The main problem is that Outlook doesn't remember your preference to show all the calendars so when you reopen Outlook you have to reselect the ones that aren't showing. To make that easier, put them all in one group along with your default calendar, then you can just click on the group rather than each calendar.