Outlook – Stop outlook from automatically deleting items


I use the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook 2010 as an archive, so I want all my deleted items to stay in this folder.

However, every so often (ever 2 weeks, maybe?), I can see some items from this folder has been (permenantly) deleted – I can put them back using the "Recover Deleted Items" functionality – but I'm affraid that if I forget to do this, they will some day actually be permenantly deleted…

Is there a way to stop Outlook from doing this? I an connected to an Exchange Server 2003 mail server. Or is this an Exchange task doing this on the server?

And it is not the Auto Archive functionality from Outlook that is doing this. I've disabled that a long time ago…

Best Answer

that sounds like it could be a mailbox policy from the exchange server. to work around this, you should really be moving your files that you intend to keep as archive into a special folder just for them.