Outlook – Why Is Outlook “Verifying Data Integrity”


I'm not very experienced in this area, but One of the computers at my workplace, when starting outlook, will say "verifying data integrity" on start up very frequently and will take hours to complete. I have been searching around a little while to see what kind of answer I can find to this problem. First here are some details about his mailbox.

Update: Saving the old .OST file with a different name and allowing outlook to re-download the .OST file was the fix for me on this one.

-His mailbox is 29.4G in size he has had trouble in the past with emails in the sent box duplicating (this hasn't happened recently but isn't necessarily fixed)

-He has 2 .OST files listed in %appdata% for outlook, both of which are 49.8G in size

Question 1: Is he supposed to have 2 .OST files? I only have one on mine.

Question 2: Is he getting this verification error because his .OST is basically 50 gigs?

concerning .OST, I read that the max is 50 gigs for outlook 2010 here and read that the size of the .OST could be a problem here. How can I fix this? Thanks in Advance

Best Answer

sounds like a corrupt OST file. I'm assuming this is an Exchange E-mail setup, usually I just go to the %APPDATA%, then go back from ROAMING to APPDATA\Local\Microsoft\Outlook location and rename the problematic OST file to like .OST.OLD which forces Outlook to just download all the e-mail from the server again. Then I would seriously consider having this user Archive older e-mails so their mailbox is around 2 GB. Not sure why there are 2 OST files unless he has 2 different Exchange accounts installed within Outlook, or maybe one is a corrupt OST file from the past where this troubleshooting technique was already used? You can click File-->Account Settings, and then click the Data Files tab to see if that OST file is loaded, and associated with an Exchange account that has been added to Outlook.