Windows – Outlook won’t reconnect after switching networks

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On a corporate network, I have outlook on my work laptop. I can run it fine on both wifi and through an ethernet cable. The problem is if my laptop is running through wifi and then I place it onto its docking station which is plugged into an ethernet jack, Outlook disconnects and prompts me to login again, asking for my user name, password, and domain name. I enter this information in but it always states that the information I entered is incorrect even though I know it is correct. If I restart my computer while plugged into the ethernet port, then outlook works perfectly fine. I of course am looking for a solution that does not require me to restart my computer.

What I have tried

I of course have tried restarting which is a poor solution. I also saw a post on SU about going into offline mode and then switching back to online mode but this results in the same problem.

I did notice that windows can't detect the network's proxy settings, which may have to do with it?

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Any help is appreciated!

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