PageRage found thesteriously on the system


It has been ages since the last time I got a virus, maybe 10 years. I'm a sensitive user and I know what a "double click" actually means.

Some minutes ago I've seen my Google searches, on both Chrome and IE, were altered by some nasty ads. I've quickly found that the ad stuff had been installed with PageRage: I removed it and it seems everything has gone away.

Now the problem: how the hell did I install a crap like PageRage? I use to enforce severe security patterns (no unsigned executables, no cracks, no strange stuff, ecc…) and just imagine my face when I discovered I had PageRage (a thingie that will apparently change the background of your facebook profile, who the heck needs this…) installed on my system!

My question is: do you have any clue on how I could get this crap and do you think I should, however, format my hard drive? Please note this machine has to be secure, I'm not a 14-y old boy that plays online flash games, I'm a software developer and webmaster and I handle critical sensible data.

Best Answer

I've found the cause. I've downloaded a trial of UltraEdit from a website which is not the official one but one of those shareware "aggregators"... I didn't want to crack it or whatsoever, just have my trial. Problem is that the executable has been altered (digital signature, in fact, has been removed and I didn't manually check it). I'm a moron! That means, however, that this PageRage crap plays a bad game. Beware.

PS.: since the system become untrusted, I formatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything. A pain in the neck, but I deserve it.

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