Paste text verbatim into Sublime without converting tabs to spaces


I am using the Sublime Text 3 beta on Mac OS X 10.8.4. I copied some text from somewhere and I want to paste it into Sublime exactly as it is but Sublime seems to be converting tab characters to spaces. What can I do to prevent it from doing this?

Yes, I am sure that the text I copied has actual tab characters. I can see them if I inspect the text in hexdump or TextEdit.

Best Answer

I did some experimenting and found out that I can paste the text verbatim by disabling the "Indent Using Spaces" command under View -> Indentation.

This solves my problem but I don't like to have that feature disabled all the time. What I am trying to do is somewhat unusual. Usually, I like to have it enabled to prevent me from accidentally inserting tab characters into what I am working on.

For that reason, I will see if anyone here comes up with a better solution, and only accept my answer if I don't find anything within a week or so. I am looking for a way to paste text verbatim just one time, without having to change a setting that affects how my tab key works.