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I have a PDF that was created by someone else and I cannot contact them. One of the images runs off the side of the page and is cut off. When I tried to copy/drag the image to various programs (paint, paint.net, gimp, word) they all just had a black section the size of the image. I was opening with Adobe Reader X. I tried to open with Foxit to see if I had any luck there, I did not. I tried converting to pdf directly to a word document, but that just gives you pages in word of what you can see in pdf (the image is still cut off).

The reason this is not like other questions here is others seem to be able to see the entire image/text and use the snapshot feature. I cannot since the image is cut off.

I looked at the properties of the PDF, there is not any security turned on, but I read something about enabling image copy. Does anyone know how to enable image copy, if there is such a feature? Does anyone know of a way that I can retrieve the image in another way?

Best Answer

There are several methods to extract the images from a pdf.

I suggest you try any of the online tools as they are cross platform and do not require installation of any software


If you use Linux, try pdfimages http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/how-to-extract-images-from-pdf-documents-in-ubuntulinux/

Windows try http://www.somepdf.com/some-pdf-image-extract.html

OSX has a free trial software here : http://www.iskysoft.com/pdf-converter-mac.html