Pdf – Set InDesign PDF export resolution for vector graphics

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I have an InDesign print document with several Illustrator .ai vector files. When I export the PDF, I believe the vector graphics are being rasterized at lower than 200 DPI. (I'm receiving a warning that an image is under 200 DPI from a service I upload the PDF to. They didn't say which, but I have narrowed it down to the vector graphics.) I have looked through the PDF export options and see nothing that mentions vector graphics. Where can I set this?

Best Answer

Vector graphics are resolution independent. Basically they are a series of math coordinates. That math is calculated upon output. PDFs generated from Indesign export the math not raster images.

Chances are it's the "service" which has the issue, not any vector elements within your PDFs, unless you are specifically setting InDesign to rasterize everything upon PDF export.