Pdf – Why do some PDFs lag in Adobe Acrobat


I have a handful of PDFs open. One of them in particular is extremely laggy, almost to the point of being unreadable. When I scroll through its pages, it's almost like an extreme version of v-sync being turned off. Very choppy.

Overall system resources are plentiful, and all of the other PDFs cruise up and down with no stuttering or problems.

I've tried closing and reopening the problem PDF to no avail. It's a small PDF, only 3MB in size, with no graphics (only programming code snippets).

Surely, it must be some type of problem with the specific PDF (I'll try opening it in another PDF-viewing program, rather than Acrobat X).

Possible corruption? Could there be some type of GPU/hardware-acceleration intervening going on? I've never heard of such with PDF-viewing.

One difference that I've noted is that the laggy file has -lots- of fonts in it, according to the PDF properties inside Adobe Acrobat. Probably 10x the amount of the other PDFs I have open.

Could this be the source of trouble? If so, is it possible to compress/strip fonts from it?

Best Answer

Believe it or not, the answer to the problem was to close the other open PDFs in Adobe Acrobat. I concurrently had 5-6 separate PDFs open at once. Besides this one problematic one, all of the others flowed and scrolled through flawlessly.

After closing all of them and then just opening this one PDF, I suspect that there's a specific renderer that Acrobat isn't able to "multitask", and thus was choking on this one document.

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