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I own a Dell Inspiron N5050 Notebook running Windows 7 Home Premium. I am trying to permanently disable the touchpad. I installed the appropriate driver in order to manage my touchpad preferences, and successfully disabled it – but once the machine was rebooted, the touchpad was on again. I really don't care if I will need to keep disabling it each time I boot up, but does anyone know of a way to permanently disable it?

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  • Approach 1: BIOS

    The touchpad can usually be disabled in BIOS. On my Dell Latitude E6430s, the option is POST Behavior, Mouse/Touchpad. There is even an option to disable the touchpad only if an external mouse is attached.

    Approach 2: Device Manager

    Open Control Panel, System, Device Manager. Navigate to the mouse, right click on it and click Disable.

    Approach 3: Physically unplug

    According to a disassembly video, it appears that you can unplug the touchpad by removing the keyboard (at 3:45) and removing the small ribbon cable near the touchpad.

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