Windows – Pin applications to multiple desktops in Windows 10

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One of the big new features for Windows is the fact that multiple "virtual" desktops are now natively supported, allowing you to organise collections of windows together and separate groups of tasks.

This is good.

You can move windows between desktops by clicking the "tasks" button and then right clicking an application window and selecting "Move to…"

This is a bit clunky and not quite so good.

I have two monitors and often like to have a film playing on my second monitor, either in a web browser or media player, while I have a browser and some other applications on the main screen. Doing this isn't a problem in my current setup, it just works.

With the advent of virtual desktops I was wanting to put the browser on one virtual desktop and another app on another virtual desktop and still be able to watch the video when I switch desktops, effectively having it visible on both virtual desktops. Using the default Film & TV app to play a video and then moving to another desktop simply results in your video stopping without any warning.

This is not good.

What I was hoping was that either the two monitors would have their own virtual desktop or their would be some "pin to all desktops" option similar to the "sticky window" feature that I have seen in many Linux based window managers.

Is there some way to achieve this?

Best Answer

The feature has now been released as one of several "Virtual Desktop Improvements" in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 14316):

You can now pin a window so it’s available on every desktop. To do this, launch Task View then right-click on the window you want to pin and choose “Show this window on all desktops”. Try pinning Skype or Groove Music so they’re always at your fingertips. And if you have a multi-mon setup, you might enjoy the ability to have your email app on the second monitor no matter which desktop you switch to.

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