PNY Nvidia GTX 580 horizontal lines artifacts

graphics card

Just got an old PNY GTX 580 from a friend (read: ebay). It is most definitely broken and out of warranty. I am attempting to find out what's wrong with it so I can repair it.

Card output looks like this:
enter image description here

This is what GPU Z shows me:

enter image description here

Interestingly it can't seem to find the VRAM. If the VRAM is bad then how is it displaying anything at all? (Using system ram maybe?) Further, if the VRAM is bad, then is there anyway to replace it?

Any other thoughts are welcome and appreciated.


Best Answer

This does look like VRAM corruption - it's not unusual to see junk data like this but get some functionality.

Unless you're an expert solderer and have an identical card to scavenge the VRAM chips from (and even then I'm not sure how feasible a replacement would be), you'll just have to assume this card can't be fixed.

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