Power Supplies keep on blowing

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My machine has currently been through 3 power supplies recently. They just keep on dying and I have no clue why. It lasted a year before blowing the first one, but now, in the last couple months, two have died.

I have noticed it always happens when plugging my power back to the wall. Like say the night before I've unplugged my power from the wall because of a lighting storm, then when I plug it back in again, my computer refuses to boot up. I press the power button and nothing happens.

After the second time it happened, I bought an Ellis surge protector plug and put it on a new 5 plug multi-plug. Didn't help a single bit.

Could it be that my machine is doing this (like a component or something), or perhaps something else that's connected into my multi plug is drawing too much power, maybe even the wall socket? (I've been told in all likelyhood, this isn't the case)

I am using a Gigabyte Odin 585W power supply.

Best Answer

I see 3 possibilities.

  1. Bad wiring in the walls. Surge protectors aren't perfect.

  2. Faulty Motherboard. Yes, faulty motherboards can kill power supplies.

  3. Do you have the power switch on either the power supply or wall socket (for countries like Australia). If so, make sure it is off before plugging it in.

I would put money on a faulty motherboard if you haven't had electrical problems historically in the house. IF you have however, I would suggest get a qualified electrician to check it out.