Power supply unit for Intel server motherboard S1200v3RPS with Xeon E3 processor. 5-pin aux power cable missing

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I am trying to put a server together to install Ubuntu. I bought an Intel S1200v3RPS motherboard and plugged an Intel Xeon E3 processor into it. I purchased a 1U chassis from Supermicro with a power supply.

The power supply does not have a 5-pin cable to the motherboard's Auxiliary Power Supply socket. A bit of research did not give any definite answer on the need for the 5-pin connection. The motherboard does not power on and the CPU fan is off. I tested the power supply on a desktop Intel motherboard and it works fine.

I would like to buy a new power supply but could not find one which expressly stated that it comes with the 5-pin aux power supply cable. Any recommendations on a power supply unit for this motherboard would be helpful. Any comments on the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

The PSAUX connector on Intel server boards is used when interfacing with a compatible 'intelligent' redundant power supply system. It should also be usable with non-redundant supplies, but I've never seen it implemented (even with Intel's own chassis/PSUs).

The connector is an I2C signaling line so the motherboard's system management bus (SMBUS) can communicate the power supplies, so it can monitor their status (fan speeds, temperatures, voltages, failure of one PSU in a redundant set, etc.) and report it back to the OS.

Its use is not required for operation of the motherboard.