Powerpoint, Disable click to next slide but not animations


I'm working on a presentation, I have a standard slide where you click to bring up bullet points on by one, however after all the bullet points have appeared I want the presenter to click one of two buttons to go to certain slides and do not want the next click to progress to the next slide.

I have tried disabling mouse click to advance on the transition options but that also disables triggering the animations.

Any Ideas?

Best Answer

  • First, set the presentation to Kiosk Mode (Slide Show | Set Up Show)

    Next, add a rectangle that fills the slide, send it to back, format it to match the background or give it a 99% transparent fill so it disappears.

    Select the text that's set to appear line by line and use the animation settings to have it Trigger on click of the rectangle you just inserted and sent to back.

    Now when you click the slide (actually the rectangle), your text will appear, line by line. Kiosk mode will prevent the slide from advancing due to any random clicks, and your action button can advance to the next slide.

    The only hitch I see to this is that repeated clicking will reveal all of the text lines then cycle back to none showing, then one then two etc.