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I have a Perl script which creates a binary file while scanning a very large text file. It outputs to STDOUT which I redirect in the commandline to a file.

To optimize it I'm making changes then seeing how low it takes to run. On Linux for this I use the "time" command. On Windows the best way to time a program seemed to be to PowerShell's "measure-command". This seemed to work fine but I noticed the generated files were larger. On examination I found that the files generated from within PowerShell begin with a BOM and contain CRLF pairs!

My Perl script has a "binmode STDOUT" directive and does work correctly in a normal dosbox.

Is this a bug or misfeature in PowerShell or measure-command? Has it affected others creating binary files by means other than Perl?

Googling hasn't turned anything up so far. I'm using Perl 5.12, PowerShell v1.0 and Windows XP.

Best Answer

This is because PowerShell will see the output as strings by default. Strings in .NET are Unicode, so that is the default output of PowerShell.

I assume that you are using PowerShell to write the output to a file? If so, then using "Set-Content -Encoding Byte" will fix your issue.

Measure-Command {& "c:\" | Set-Content "C:\myoutput.bin" -Encoding Byte}
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