Prevent Sending Spam with the Yahoo Account


Today morning I found my Yahoo Mail account sent several emails with Subject re: and this body : this is crazy you should give it a look to all my contact emails !!!
I have Eset Nod32(Up to date) Anti Virus, but it couldn't find any thing.
I've installed Microsoft Security Essential and it could find a virus. I remove it and I change my mail password.
What happened to my Yahoo Mail Account and what should I do ?

Edit :
My email password was 12 characters and I couldn't remember it , so I'm using RoboForm.
Is it possible that my Roboform password divulge. !!!

Edit 2 :
I've changed my yahoo mail password, but this morning I received Failure Notice for sending mail to some invalid mail addresses again, but there is a different this time, the sent mails didn't exist in my Sent Box. Is it a good thing or I have to do something else ?

Best Answer

I think your account has been hacked, or spammers have found out your password. It has been happening to some of my friends lately (also on Yahoo). You should change the password to your email account and scan your computer for malware using an up-to-date antivirus program. My friends have changed their password, and it hasn't happened to them since.

Also, you should be careful if you log in from another computer (a friends computer, or a public computer). That computer may have malware and it could steal your password again.

I don't think this is a case of e-mail spoofing. If it was e-mail spoofing, you wouldn't have the e-mails in your "Sent" folder.

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