Linux – Prevent user typing accidental space between rm and wildcard



rm -rf string*


rm -rf string *

The first case is a legitimate and common use of rm, a small typo can cause a lot of problems in the second case. Is there a simple way to smartly protect against an accidental trailing or leading wildcard?

Best Answer

A DEBUG trap could be written to cancel commands that look suspicious. The following, or code similar to it, can be added to your ~/.bashrc:

shopt -s extdebug
checkcommand() {
  if [[ $BASH_COMMAND = 'rm -r'*' *' ]]; then
    echo "Suppressing rm -r command ending in a wildcard" >&2
    return 1
  # check for other commands here, if you like
  return 0
trap checkcommand DEBUG

Adjust the logic to taste.

(I don't actually expect this approach to be useful -- too many ways to mess up a command destructively to find them testing one-by-one -- but it provides a literal answer to the question).

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