Prevent users from changing LAN settings

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I'd like to stop my kids from changing either the LAN or WAN settings on PC or Laptop.

I'm using OpenDNS and have it set to use their DNS servers, but my kids keep removing the DNS settings to access sites which I don't want them to access.

I'd like for them to otherwise have administrator settings, but not be able to change the network settings.

Best Answer

  • First Try this:

    By the way test this: first remove your child account from Administrator

    1-Right Click On Computer -->>Manage -->>Local User And groups\User

    2-By default your Administrator User is disable and there is another user which you create during windows installation for example it's Jack

    3-Right click on Jack and select Properties

    4-In the Member of Tab remove the "Network Configuration Operators" from the user and click Apply and OK

    5-Restart your Computer

    Hope it is work for you Prohibit Access to LAN Connection Properties

    check this on ServerFault How to disable Tcp/Ip settings in windows 7 via GPO?

    and this at microsoft technet Configure network connection restrictions with Group Policy

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