MacOS – Printing PDFs directly from Finder in OS X


I'm looking for a way to print multiple PDF files directly from within Finder. I have a duplex printer (HP Color LaserJet CP2025) and I want to use duplex printing as default.

Any suggestions?

Here is what I have tried so far. First I used this tip:

Try this: Open the "Print & Fax" panel
of System Preferences. Drag the
printer's icon from the list on the
left onto your Desktop. The result
will be an icon that is an alias for
the printer. Now try dragging several
documents onto that icon.

This partly works. Now I can select multiple pdf files and drag them to the printer icon in the Finder toolbar to print them all. However they are printed without using the duplex unit.

I figured the problem was that the wrong set of default settings were used, so I have tried to print from Preview using the duplex setting in order to set it as default. I have also set duplex to on the printer it self. Alas, this didn't help.

Best Answer

  • I have found a workaround, but I wouldn't call it a proper solution.

    1. Start terminal and use lpoptions to make sure lpr is using both duplex and the proper tray:

      lpoptions -o Duplex=DuplexTumble
      lpoptions -o InputSlot=Tray2
    2. Start Automator and create a new application. Add the "Run Shell Script" action. Enter this script

      lpr "$@"

      and make sure the "Pass Input:" is set to "as arguments".

    3. Save the application somwhere.
    4. In the Finder drag the application to the Finder toolbar.
    5. Now pdf documents can be printed by dragging them on top of the application icon.
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