Processor speed locked at low GHz after computer runs for a few minutes


Lately I realize that my Processor speed will reduce and locked at some level after some minutes I ran the Computer (0.8GHz). When I first run the Computer, my Processor speed is doing fine(1.5GHz), it even runs above its normal speed (2.3GHz). My Processor is, AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Grapichs 1.50 GHz

Processor speed and Temperature after some minutes

I've changed the power setting to High Performance, and set Minimum and Maximum Processor Power Management to 100%.

If my Computer does this to save the power, the speed still the same after I run heavy program/games. If it because of the heat, you can see in the picture below that my Computer runs < 70 degree Celsius and still have a normal speed when it freshly started.
Processor speed and Temperature when freshly started

So am I have to edit my Registry or something? I reset the settings on AMD Catalyst Center and still doing the same. Hope it's clear, thanks for answering. Oh my BIOS is InsydeH2o by the way.

Best Answer

It is probably because of the heat. You say your processor is locked at 800 MHz, but still maintains a temperature of 70°C. But, for a normal computer, the temperature at this processor speed should be far lower (~50°C). The computer is throttling CPU speed so that the temperature doesn't exceed 70°C, due to insufficient cooling.

You can try the following.

  • Make sure you are not blocking fans or exhausts.
  • Make sure that the System Cooling Policy (to be found among Advanced Settings under Power Plans) is set to Active and not Passive.