Purpose of Adobe PDF Link Helper

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I have an idea of what this browser add-on does.

Adobe PDF Browser Control (AcroPDF.dll)

Apparently, if I disable this one, PDFs embedded in a page with the embed or object tag fail to function properly. So, its pretty clear as to its function.

However, I can't find anywhere accurate documentation on what this add-on below does.

Adobe PDF Link Helper (AcroIEHelperShim.dll)

IE9 (with Reader X) seems to work flawlessly with it disabled. PDF's still open within the browser. Only if I uncheck Display PDF in Browser in Readers preferences does that cease. I played around on an XP VM with IE7 and Reader X… no isssues noticed when disabled.

Does anyone know the purpose of this add-on? At one time I believed it was necissary for the 'within browser' functionality to work, though that was never verified. Something change?

Best Answer

  • According to this link, it launches PDF files within the browser.

    With the Adobe PDF Link Helper (Reader Helper) - an Adobe Acrobat Reader browser add-on - you can view PDF files directly in Internet Explorer. When enabled, PDF files from websites launch automatically in your web browser. Enable/Disable the Adobe PDF Link Helper using the add-on management console in your browser: in Internet Explorer's Tools menu, choose Manage Add-ons/Toolbars and Extensions, then choose Adobe PDF Link Helper and click on the Enable or Disable button at the bottom right of the window.