QNAP reboots every 16 hours or so


I have a QNAP TS-412. It has 4x 4TB WD Red drives in RAID10.

The poor thing works pretty hard. Virtually 24/7 it runs at 20-30MB/sec as a backup device from a bunch of office computers and a handful of servers.

In the last 2 weeks, seemingly out of nowhere, it has been rebooting every 16 hours or so. It has been under this sort of workload for about 3 years, with only breaks to upgrade the drive capacity every 18 months or so.

Is there anywhere I can go in the console (or via SSH) to see the reason why it is rebooting?

Best Answer

  • Connect to your QNAP with a terminal and look in /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.logs. Specifically, kmsg. You should see a lot of deep information for your perusal, interpretation, and ultimate edification.

    Another option is going to the Web UI >> Select System Administration >> System Logs >> tabs across the top will give you UI access to various files.

    As for what to look for, it's usually a crap shoot of what looks bad, and what Google tells you is worse.

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