Windows – Queries related to Windows 8 Upgrade installation media

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I don't expect all these questions to be answered right away. Gradually over time is fine. Also, I guess the answers would differ depending on the language, so I'm looking for information related to the English/en-US versions only (I believe there is an en-GB version as well?)

  1. The Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant allows one to create USB/DVD (ISO) media:

    enter image description here

    Is the media customised per-PC in any way, or are copies created on different PCs with different base OSes (XP/Vista/7) exactly the same?

  2. If the ISOs are not customised, are they exactly the same content-wise as the Upgrade DVDs available for purchase?

Best Answer

The ISO image and the USB installation media are both standard (For a given Language, bit-type [32/64Bit] and Windows version) and are not customized in any way. I had previously created a Bootable media device on a USB flash drive and used the same to install Windows 8 (Release preview) on two different laptops. The product key is asked only during installation (the product key did not matter for preview version though).

I have also used the ISO image to install Windows 8 Pro 64 bit on my MacBook Air through Apple's Boot Camp software. Again there was no chance for any customization, since all I specified during my download was the language (English) & version (Windows 8 Pro 64bit).

If it matters, I chose fresh installation (and not upgrade) in both cases. But I was eligible for upgrade, since I had Windows 7 installed. (If I had chosen Upgrade, I would have used the same installation media).