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I'm having a problem with my ram on windows 7. The ram is clearing or programs are using and dumping it faster than it can clear. I have 8gb of ram I'm only using 4gb and the rest is in Standby. At best time I can get 100mb of free but its mostly at 15mb or less. I suspect a memory leak but I have no way to figure out what program it is. I have not installed any new hardware recently and newly installed programs have bin closed. Does any one have an idea of what is going on and how to fix it?

I'm sorry this is so little information but that is all I have as well.

I tried RamMap and found out the my "Mapped File" has 3,291,784k ram in standby how do I figure out what program and how do I limit it's ability to set ram in standby?

I keep getting a problem when I will have 0 free ram and my computer will stop working properly. It will become outrageously slow where it will take 3-4 minutes to start task manager so I can close some programmes. When I free up some ram by closing some programmes every thing runs normally. It does not matter which programs I closes only that I free up some ram. I know a lot of you say it's supposed to be like that and that's how windows works. But its obviously a problem and my computer has never worked that way neither has any of my other computers. I would like to fix this please help me.

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  • Large standby values are fantastic. This means the data are cached by superfetch service and are not actively being used. These are still left in physical ram but will be repurposed first by the memory manager (either returned to the active list or zeroed out and reused) if something needs physical ram for active pages. Standby pages are essentially cache – it’s better to have infrequently used data kept in RAM “just in case” than pushing it out to disk when the memory isn’t needed for anything else.

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