RAW disk image and .Img format, Difference

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So I need .img file to use with xen hypervisor.
Currently I have a vmdk disk image of my current installation.
It seems qemu can convert from vmdk to raw disk image, and as far as I read, .img file is also a raw disk image format. My question is if the output of qemu conversion (which has .raw extension btw) is same as .img file and I can plainly rename it? or is there a difference?

If its different, how can I convert a vmdk to img?

Best Answer

I am under the impression that .img isn't really a format, in the same way .raw isn't really a format. It's probably a string of binary text. It wouldn't hurt to rename the image from .raw to .img. But to be safe I would probably make a backup first. If it's a raw image, it's going to be huge, probably, so I'd just make a compressed archive of the disk image before trying anything. 7-zip works well in windows, and xz from xz-utils works well on linux/unix.