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My OS was infected by trojan or virus and system files are corrupted. After tried to reinstall XP several time and failed, I took out the hard drive and prepare to back up files for a clean reinstall. Then found my data partition (D:) was empty except only a pagefile.sys, but looking into property, still can see 80% of disk space used (80GB).

It seems the index or something was corrupted during rebooting "chkdsk" when doing recovery installation. I found the disk label has been changed and chkdsk was reindexing that partition. But it hang somewhere so I forced reboot the machine. Could anyone help me out how to fix this?

PS: below is message from chkdsk:
Stage(2 of 3)
Correcting error in index $0 for files 25.
Index verification completed.
Error found. CHKDFK cannot continue in read-only mode.

Best Answer

  • Is a free tool made by the makers of CCleaner.

    It's worth a shot and certainly doesn't cost any money.

    ddrescue is another very powerful option but it's more gear toward linux professionals. It works wonders.

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