Recover the text from a notepad dump file


I was typing in notepad I then clicked save and it hanged so I went to task manager and clicked on the hanged process of notepad.exe "Create Dump File". I never got to save my .txt file ony the .dmp file. My dump file says notepad.dmp and is 104MB. Is there anyway I can recover my text from the dump file?

Best Answer

Yes, there is. The dump created a copy of the program's memory, so all you need to do is get a hex editor like the excellent HxD. Open your .dmp file, which is located in %TEMP%\notepad.dmp in this case.

Now press Ctrl+F and search for a piece of your text. Make sure to check "Unicode string."

Find text

Your text should automatically be highlighted where it is found. Note that the address may differ.

Your text found

If the null between each character is annoying you, try Find + Replace to remove as much of it as you can..

And remember... don't ever type anything important on Notepad!