Recovering the data from a failed WD My Book NAS drive

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My Western Digital 500GB NAS drive (which is my main backup device) has recently broken. Windows can no longer use it as a network drive (using Map Network Drive), and the web-based control panel is INCREDIBLY sluggish, taking as much as 5 minutes to load a single page.

However, when it does load, it reports the Drive Status as OK, and has the correct disk usage values, which leads me to think the actual drive is OK, and it's the networking components that have failed.

I have checked the wires and router, and so it their isn't another point in the network causing the problem.

Is there any way to get the data back? It's a backup, so I still have about 80% of the data spread out across 3 computers (the only major loss being my music library, and I have the discs for a fair proportion of that).

However, it'd be much more convenient if I can get the data from the drive itself, as it is organised properly on the drive.

Best Answer

the Western Digital MyBook NAS drive has a reset button (the tiny hole between the power connector and the ethernet port). this will reset all settings to facory default. run the wizard to reconfigure the drive to your requirements.

if this doesn't help, as mentioned previously, remove the SATA drive from the enclosure and connect it to the sata port of your computer or any USB > SATA adapter/enclosure.