Chrome – remembering the zoom state of Google Chrome


I have a 27 inch monitor connected to a 14 inch laptop.

So basically half of the times i'm using a 14 inch screen and half of the times i'm using the 27 inch monitor.

The problem is that whenever I use the 14 inch laptop, I had the pages (Google Chrome) zoomed twice (Ctrl 0, Ctrl +, Ctrl +).

When I switch to the 27 inch monitor, I had to Ctrl – once not just for 1 page, but for every single different domain that I'd visited/will visit.

Then later when i switch back, I had to Ctrl + again.

it's slowly getting annoying, I was wondering is there any fix to this problem? (Like I was thinking I could save the chrome's zoom state then revert or perhaps something else altogether)

Best Answer

  • You can set the global zoom (for all pages) in "Preferences -> Under the Hood -> Web Content". This option will set the default zoom level. When you change this, any page which has its last zoom level different than the original default will not be affected by the change; to "forget" the zoom level of a page, simply zoom it to the default zoom level (not necessarily 100%!).

    So, zoom all pages to the default zoom level, and then only change the zoom via this default, without )Ctrl 0, Ctrl +, Ctrl +.

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