Remotely push DNS server to client via OpenVPN


When I try to push a DNS server via the OpenVPN server-config I don't get that server to be the first DNS server on the connected client system. It ends up being specified as an alternative DNS server.

push "dhcp-option DNS" # DNS-Server 1 (local djbdns)

To overcome certain network restrictions, if they're at place, I use 443 TCP. – That means that my DNS queries are sent via TCP (if I manually reconfigure the DNS server), which doesn't scale very well from a performance perspective.

Are there any kewl solutions for that?


Best Answer

  • I've noticed that it differs based on "client". If I use network manager I get the DNS but if I use "regular" openvpn service (in Ubuntu) I don't get the DNS. I haven't look deeper into this since I usually let network manager connect my vpn.

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