Remove Dropbox folder from computer


I have created a Dropbox account, downloaded the software, setup the folder, and created symbolic links to monitor folders. The first problem was that the symbolic links that I thought I had set up for Documents, Videos, Music, etc. were actually for My Documents, My Music, My Videos, My etc.

I've uninstalled the dropbox software and deleted the Dropbox folder, the My Videos, My Music, My Documents, etc. leaving the Videos, Music, Documents, etc. folders that are inherent to the Windows 7 OS.

Now the problem I have is that the Dropbox folder and the My [folder name] folders keep coming back and have to be deleted.

Does anyone know how I can permanently delete them without having them come back? Keep in mind the Dropbox software is no longer on the computer so it isn't being recreated b/c of that.

Best Answer

Make a backup of the directories you symlinked. Once that is done, delete the directories, and the symlink should be removed.

So lets make this an example:

Backup C:\Users\Simon\Video

Then once its been backed up, delete the folder. Use command prompt for this.

Cd to the folder, ex:

$ cd C:\Users\Simon


$ rmdir Videos

Restore the folder once its done. This should stop it.