Outlook – Remove ‘Outlook Data File’


I use Outlook 2010 to connect to two different gmail hosted email accounts, but do not use the default Outlook account. Is there a way for me to delete the 'Outlook Data File'? Nothing will ever be delivered to that folder, so why would I want it to show up in my list of folders? It says I need to select another as my default delivery, but neither of my IMAP'd gmail account will allow me to do this.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

  • From Use Gmail IMAP in Microsoft Outlook 2007, which maybe still applys to Outlook 2010 :

    The reason you cannot get rid of the default Personal Folders that Outlook sets up for you is because Outlook makes you have a place for your contacts and calendar. Since the IMAP protocol doesn’t support “special folders” (i.e. contacts and calendars), you must leave the Personal Folders data file there. The only way I know of to get rid of it would be to use Exchange Server because Microsoft’s MAPI protocol for Exchange Server supports special folders for contacts and calendars.

    According to the above, and since gmail does absolutely not use Exchange Server, the answer to your question is unfortunately negative.

    If it bothers you that the default account is still there, the following text from the same source explains how to set the gmail account as the default :

    In the folder menu on the left, Right click on the gmail inbox and choose “Add to favorite folders”. Then go to the “Favorite Folders” Group, above the mail folders, click the gmail inbox you just added, and drag it to the top of the pile, that way it will open as the default every time.

    If you go to “Tools” and choose “Account settings”, click on the gmail account and then click on the button above that says “Set as default”.

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