Chrome – Reset a Managed Chromebook


I just bought a used Lenovo 300e chromebook and I am trying to enable dev mode. When I do "esc" + "refresh" + "power" and then press "ctrl + d", it says that developer mode has been disabled by the administrator. I don't have an admin and I presume that this chromebook used to be managed by some organization before I bought it.

Is there any way to remove the administrator blocks without contacting the person who sold it to me? I have no reason not to contact the person who I bought it from, but I have a feeling that its going to be a real pain tracking down the admin who controls this chromebook. I have no issues with taking parts out of the chromebook, so if any of you know how to do something like that, feel free to include it.

Thanks in Advance

Best Answer

This model 99% for sure owned by a school and as such it's under the control of the school IT department. No reset will change that. Who ever sold it to you is probably a student who didn't return it (aka stole it). Your only hope is to get that person to give you your money back.