Google-chrome – Reset Chrome download manager to default


As backstory: I installed fileserve manager to help me download files from fileserve, and was rather annoyed to put it lightly that it became the default download manager for all downloads in Chrome. I was more annoyed that the option to remove it (via fileserve options) didn't work. So I tried to remove it by disabling the plugin that fileserve had installed. No dice.

I ended up removing the program entirely, and hoping, and it worked, but it did bother me that there did not seem to be a way in chrome to reset the download manager to the default. Is there a way to do that / see what it is currently set as?

Windows 7, using Chrome 13 Dev (but bug was also under 11 (stable))

Best Answer

Just use the Download Assistant extention. Once installed, go to the options (Wrench>Tools> extensions> and click options under the "Download Assistant") then just select the default download manager you want.