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resolutionwindows 7

My monitor uses 800×600 resolution but accidentally I changed resolution and now am not able to change back to the previous resolution because I can't see well!

How can I change the screen resolution before the pc logs in?

Best Answer

  • This solution is ugly, but should work:

    • Boot in safe mode (via F8)
    • Remove the driver for the graphical card.
    • Reboot. Win7 will revert to the default driver which only supports 640x480 and 800x600. I think 800x600 is the default for this one)
    • Happily log in and reinstall the driver.

    Solutions which I think are much better but which require additional hardware:

    • Connect another monitor which works with the current resolution
    • RDP (if enabled) from another computer, which uses that other computers monitor and resolution.
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