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I'm working on a Windows xp machine. I wrote a program in assembly that outputs some text, and am trying to create a screenshot of the command line output (start->run->"cmd").

The problem is that the text initially printed by the program gets pushed up by later text and I cannot scroll to it.

I tried playing around with the width and height under properties => layout but it seems to resize the window itself (the borders) without resizing the textarea inside the window (text does not have more "room", but the window is bigger).

Does anybody know a workaround/solution for this?

Thank you!

Best Answer

Resizing under the properties dialog should work (ensure you are resizing the width and buffer size, resizing the window alone should also increase the buffer), but if it doesn't work you could always:

  • Redirect the output to a file:

    program.exe > C:\path\to\file.txt
  • Check out Console2