Resizing pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro


I am using Acrobat Professional 8 to assemble a document from two imported page images (JPGs). Acrobat seems to interpret the images at screen resolution, and creates a document that's about 35" by 46" instead of 8.5" x 11". How can I scale down the page size within Acrobat?

Best Answer

  • A few options, in roughly increasing order of difficulty:

    1. The easiest way I can think of would be to print it to the Adobe PDF (Distiller) driver with "Shrink to Fit" turned on.

    2. Copy and paste the images into a blank 8.5x11 PDF file and then use the TouchUp Object tool to scale it down.

    3. If your version of Acrobat has the Print Production tools, go into the cropping tool and change the various boxes to be 8.5x11 (multiply by 72 if you need to give the dimensions in points) and then use the TouchUp Object tool to scale the image.

    (These are all possible in Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, which is what I have. I think all three should be available in version 8, but I'm not completely sure.)

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