Windows – Resizing the ‘Save As’ window in Windows 7

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How can I resize the 'Save as' window so it only fills perhaps somewhere around 25% of the computer screen, or whatever the default size for that window is?

I am running Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1 on a Dell Vostro 460 PC. I am downloading journal articles from the Internet and saving them as PDFs. Somehow I unintentionally clicked a button that resulted in the 'Save as' window filling the entire screen of my computer, except for the toolbar at the very bottom.

One suggestion I found was to grab the bottom of the window with the mouse and scroll upward until the window was the desired size. That does not appear to be possible in my case. Another suggestion was to click on the window with the middle mouse button before attempting to resize the window, but that does not help either.

Best Answer

  • The window is maximized. You can unmaximize it using the keyboard shortcut Windows+Down Arrow or by double-clicking the title bar. (That there is no unmaximize button and the resizer doesn't work can certainly be considered a bug.)

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