Windows – Restoring an Windows system image to a smaller drive

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I recently had two 320GB HDDs on Raid 0 running on my main computer, and decided to split it in order to use one of the HDDs on another computer.

A windows system image of about 150GB was made on a 2TB external drive. The two 320GB disks have been formated and one of them is already in use in another computer.

When I tried to restore the image onto the formatted 320GB drive, I got an error saying that "No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found".

I then learned that windows wont let system images from bigger drives (the 640GB raid 0 one) be restored to smaller ones, even if the image is smaller than the target drive. Resizing the external drive isn't really an option, since it's almost full.

Is there a way to still restore the image?

Best Answer

  • Use Acronis to convert the VHD image to an Acronis tib image, then use Acronis to install the tib image on the smaller drive space.