Windows – Restrict access to a folder by EXE

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Is it possible in Windows 7 to restrict which EXEs can access a certain folder?

Let's imagine I have a folder (c:\myfolder) with some data files that can only be opened by a certain EXE.

For example, I would like MyApp1.EXE to be able to open files in c:\myfolder but I do not want other EXEs (such as notepad) from being able to open the files in that folder.

Is this possible?

Best Answer

  • I don't think this is standard Windows functionality.

    Access right are based on users, not applications.

    You can however run the programs as different users. From the context menu (hold the Shift + Right Mouse click on the program) select Run as different user. You will need different user accounts with the correct access control settings to the folders based on the users.

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