Windows – Restrict access to hdd or partition in windows 8 to admin only

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I have extra internal and external hard drives in my computer.

One I use to keep some unused files, and the other I use for backup of my C: drive.

How can I limit anyone that uses my pc under the guest account to even be able to see this HDD?

Furthermore, I actually would like to give guest access to a media folder in one of the hard drives, so I would like to know:

  1. Can I hide a drive from a guest user? How?
  2. Can I only make folders unavailable (not hide them) and still share a folder? How?

Best Answer

The answer is actually pretty simple.

1 - Right-click the drive of choice in Computer

2 - Properties

3 - Security

4 - Update access as needed. (In this case, removed "Users")

Taken from "grawity's" post on this link that wasn't chosen as the correct answer, but it definitely is in this situation.

Thanks to yassarikhan786 for pointing out a similar question.

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