Linux – Resume rsync over SSH after broken connection

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I have to transfer large amounts of data (>80 GB) over ssh using rsync. Everything is working fine, but the DSL connection where the backup data is sent from will drop once every 24h for up to 3 minutes (switching providers is not an option).

How do I:

  1. Automatically restart the transfer when the connection is back up?

  2. Make sure there are not by accident two rsync commands running at the same time?

Best Answer

The following should be helpful:


while [ 1 ]
    rsync -avz --timeout=60 --partial source dest
    if [ "$?" = "0" ] ; then
        echo "rsync completed normally"
        echo "Rsync failure. Backing off and retrying..."
        sleep 180

When the connection dies, rsync will quit with a non-zero exit code. This script simply keeps re-running rsync, letting it continue until the synchronisation completes normally.

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